Lenten Discipline — March 18

Lenten discipline of the day:  

pray the newspaper.

I had to look up the Karl Barth quote this morning, because I couldn’t remember exactly what he said about newspapers.  But what the great theologian said is this:  “Take your Bible and take your newspaper, and read both.  But interpret newspapers from your Bible.”  

Today as you read your newspaper, try to find ways to pray over the people and situations the articles describe.  For example, as I read this morning’s Post Gazette, I found these issues to lift up to God:

Lord, I pray for the two boys who were fighting at Perrysville High School last week.  May their parents and school officials find ways to help them discover healthy ways to solve disputes.  May God watch over all students and teachers in our schools, and keep them safe.

Lord, I pray for those negotiating their cars through lane restrictions and road closures.  May they be safe as they travel.

Lord, I pray for the families awaiting word about their loved ones on the missing Malaysian airplane.  Give them strength and courage, and comfort them in their anxiety. 

Lord, I pray for the the U.S.officials seeking to craft an appropriate response to the Russian government.  May our path be peaceful and wise, while seeking justice for the citizens of all the countries involved.

Lord, thank you for the blessings you’ve bestowed on Guy Autore and Elizabeth Pinkerton.  Both will turn 100 years old this week!

Lord, thank you for the promise of Spring — just two weeks until baseball season begins!

Reading the daily news prayerfully helps us link the world in which we live to the faith we profess.  God through the Holy Spirit is active in the world, present in all things, and God’s reality and deep desire for creation can be present to us even in daily news.