Come and Meet Matt Harding, Director of The Shepherd’s Door This Sunday!

Matt Harding will tell us about his faith journey and his call to serve our community through the mission and ministry of The Shepherd’s Door, a 501.3c non-profit based in Bellevue.  Here’s a description of The Shepherd Door’s work:

Vision:  The North Boroughs will be communities where people are not conformed by the patterns of this world, but are radically transformed through the power of Jesus Christ.
Mission:  To engage, empower and equip the least of these so they may live out God’s plans to prosper and have a future.

Engage- Equip- Empower
We ENGAGE people through programs and events that meet needs and help us develop relationships.
We EMPOWER people through self-discovery of God’s plan for their life.
We EQUIP people with the support system needed to live out God’s plan.



A ministry of presence.
Nobody should ever feel alone or unloved in this world.  At The Shepherd’s Door we aim to provide that presence in our community that lets everybody know they are loved and important.
A light in the darkness.
There is hope in every situation and at The Shepherd’s Door we aim to be that light no matter how dark the world and life may seem.  Through our service, words and actions we will shine in our communities and beyond.
Meeting people where they are.
It’s not about where you came from or where you are, but where you are going that is important.  At The Shepherd’s Door we don’t focus on the past but meet people where they are, having compassion on them, and walking beside them in their path towards restoration.
Cultivating loving relationships.
Our communities will be transformed when we serve one another because we love one another.  At The Shepherd’s Door we look to build relationships with those we meet, not simply offer services.
Building bridges to care.
Unable to do everything, we will do anything we can to help find and connect individuals to the appropriate resources to meet their needs. Whether it is through our own programs and services or others, we do our best at making sure everybody is receiving the love and support they need.