All Saints Day — Sunday, November 2

Next Sunday, November 2nd, we will celebrate All Saints’ Day.  All Saints’ Day invites us to remember those whom we love that have gone on through the gates of larger life.  In some mysterious way we are gathered with all those who have gone before, with those we love who live in different parts of the world, as well as with those in the room with us. From the earliest days, the church has taken this opportunity to celebrate, and you are invited to join in the celebration of resurrection.

On Sunday, November 2, we will mark All Saints’ Day with a special liturgy and prayers of thanksgiving for those saints who are dear to our congregation.  Please think about those saints you would like to be named and honored on November 2 during worship. The names can be those of family members, friends, or people from other times and places whom you have never met, but have inspired you in life and helped you in your walk of faith. Please bring a photo or a small object that reminds you of that person.